Why Choose the Hourglass Workout?

The Hourglass Workout Program was specifically created for the woman’s body by a woman who
understands the goals of keeping our feminine curves while getting fit and healthy!

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Program includes all workouts, a detailed eating & supplement plan and success tracker!

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Lyzabeth Lopez is touring the world teaching Hourglass Workout Master Classes & Certifying International Instructors.

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The Hourglass 3 Month Challenge!

What is the Three Month Challenge?

The Hourglass Workout three-month challenge is a competitive, fun body re-shaping challenge amongst the women in the class.

All ladies will have the opportunity to compete for the best before/after shots based on the Hourglass Workout Classes and Holistic Eating Plan.

What’s Included?

We include everything you need to successfully complete your 3-month challenge. All intense full body, booty-building workouts, your choice of eating plan, monthly nutrition/fitness workshops, team motivation, & lots of q&a time.

How is it Measured?

The members of the Hourglass Workout community vote for the winner of the two different challenges (Transformation and Muscle) based on their transformation before/after photos at each location approximately 4 times per year via an email survey.

What are the prizes?

Each location will have their own local sponsors and provide prizes, a photo-shoot, and a special Hourglass Workout Memoir to the Winner.

The challenge winner will also be featured on the HourglassWorkout.com website as an inspirational story.

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Build a Fit Sexy Body

Hourglass  Workout is specifically designed to build round firm glutes, lean toned arms & legs and a narrow fit waistline. It’s a perfect combination of resistance training, boxing, kettle bell, pilates, HIIT, power yoga & more.


No Diets Just Food

We don’t believe in diets or diet food! All Hourglass  Workout members will receive a custom holistic eating plan. We also offer monthly nutrition workshops to teach you how to make healthy eating a lifestyle.

Get Socially Fit

Hourglass girls learn to incorporate health & wellness into their everyday lives! Meet new like-minded people. Hourglass runs a monthly healthy girls night-out to assist in showing you how to do this.

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